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Wishes, greetings and congratulations for all the holidays.

Congratulations and welcome to the pages of pojelavam.com!
Here you will find toasts and greetings, beautiful wishes that come true.

Congratulations, wishes and greetings - this is something you can not touch with your hands, but you really feel with all your heart!

No wonder people say that the most important thing is not the gift itself, but the attention expressed in sincere and kind words.

It is these words that make up our collection. It contains 247,000 greetings, wishes and greetings written by the authors of the site, especially for you.

Now it is much easier to choose the right phrases, to greet the Hero of the day, to enjoy the celebration or just to make a greeting for the whole banquet table!
On the pages of the site pojelavam.com you will find from fun and funny greetings for birthdays, anniversaries, anniversaries, weddings and other holidays, to serious, penetrating and heartbreaking texts.

There are wishes and greetings for postcards, SMS wishes, wishes for gift wrapping or greeting cards, which we all send to the media.

Greetings and wishes are an integral part of every holiday!

There are many ways to congratulate a person on a significant event, and the most special day for everyone is his birthday. Accepting kind words in such a fun way is twice as good!

If you want to surprise close friends with something special and thus prove the importance of these people to you, this can happen through the pages of: pojelavam.com. With our wishes, the birthday greetings will be filled with sincerity, love and family warmth.

When choosing birthday greetings, name days, anniversaries, you must remember that the wishes must emphasize the importance, power and nobility of the recipient country.

To congratulate a friend on his birthday, you need to show imagination.

Writing a wish is like drawing a picture with a phone and without a fight and a canvas!

If you don't know how, we know it well.

If you want to say a cool verse in a wish, you will undoubtedly decorate the holiday and make a friend happy.

Now, even lovers can greet each other with the help of beautiful poems provided on the pages of the site. It will no longer be difficult to say the warmest words and greetings, and they will resonate in the hearts of your loved ones for a long time.

Wishes and greetings for anniversaries often require to be pompous and undoubtedly emphasize the importance of the hero of the occasion. Celebrating the 50th anniversary, a man crosses the border of half a century, 55 years - retirement is approaching, and with it the long-awaited vacation from work, the 60th anniversary marks maturity, an era when grandchildren rejoice in their first achievements and children are cared for with reverence. .

Choosing cool wedding greetings, you should definitely take a look at our website. Here you can find many original ideas to surprise the newlyweds and delight the guests. Interesting wedding invitations always differ favorably from the template cards. This way you will be sure that the texts of the invitations are original and memorable.

Congratulations on a silver and gold wedding should also be unusual. Both dates mark significant segments of life dedicated to each other.

Silver wedding - 25 years together! Wishes for this day should be warm and tender, filled with plans for the future and bright prospects.

Golden wedding - 50 years of life from soul to soul! Greetings should be filled with joy, tenderness and gratitude to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Another period for each family is the first year of marriage. Congratulations here are filled with words of hope for the future, a wish to quickly fill the home with children and many years of family life.

All kinds of festive occasions related to a certain event have a special meaning!

Thus, even retirement greetings should be filled with optimism.

The wishes for baptism also cannot pass without bright and warm wishes. It is a bright holiday for the godfather, his parents and godparents. Congratulating a person on this bright day, you should wish him a strong guardian angel, luck, health and happiness.

On our website you can find universal greetings and wishes suitable for any celebration. Here we have prepared for you original greetings for friends, relatives, colleagues, relatives - mother, sister, daughter, husband and wife and distant people, in various forms. Wishes in verse or prose will decorate the anniversary or the gifts you give. Thus, the Hero of the occasion will be flattered by the attention paid to him.

And remember, every solemn event, no matter where it is celebrated, should be celebrated with common wishes for kindness, comfort, family warmth and well-being.

On our site pojelavam.com there are many original wishes related to each holiday!